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Hip-Replacement Surgery

Hips are the ball-and-socket joints that connect the legs to the pelvis. They are critical for everyday motions like walking, getting out of bed and sitting down. Like other joints, protective cartilage makes hip movement possible. When that cartilage is diminished by arthritis, or the hip is broken, it may be time to explore surgical options.

How Hip Replacement Surgery Works

In hip replacement surgery, the surgeon replaces the socket in the pelvic bone and the ball at the end of the femur (thigh bone) with durable metal and plastic components. When securely installed, these implants recreate the hip joint, restoring smooth, painless mobility.

Patients must be careful while recovering. Overextending or overusing the new joint can cause complications or prevent the fullest recovery possible.

For more information about hip-replacement surgery or to schedule an appointment with an orthopedic specialist at Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center, please call:
Fort Madison -- 319-376-1135
West Burlington -- 319-768-4970

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