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The BirthPlace

Safe, Family-Centered Labor & Delivery in Fort Madison

From prenatal care to childbirth and parenting, our experienced obstetrics team provides compassionate care and comprehensive services for moms, babies and families.

At The Birthplace, we understand the many emotions you are experiencing and the countless decisions you have to make. We want to make your choice of where to have your baby easy and stress-free. We provide a committed multidisciplinary team of professionals who will care for you and guide you through your birthing experience. This team includes:

  • Your obstetrician
  • Labor and delivery nurses
  • A certified lactation consultant
  • A surgical team (if needed)
  • Your pediatrician or family medicine physician

Women who deliver their babies at Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center-Fort Madison have the comfort and convenience of remaining in one room for the labor, delivery, recovery and postpartum experiences. Each spacious private room has a bathroom with a tub and shower and guest bed.

Cesarean-section births are performed in our Surgical Services Department across the hall from the Birthplace.

The Birthplace encourages skin-to-skin contact between mothers and babies for the first hour of life. It helps newborns adapt to their post-birth environment by stabilizing temperature, heart rate and oxygen level. Early “kangaroo care” also can make breastfeeding easier and improve babies’ sleep.

A lactation consultant meets with all mothers to discuss newborns’ nutrition needs.

Baby Weigh-In Clinic

10 to 11:30 a.m. Wednesdays
Suite 108

Certified lactation consultants help new and experienced mothers who have questions about breastfeeding, pumping and storing breast milk, and weaning. Babies are weighed to check for appropriate weight gain. The clinic’s services are not intended to replace routine pediatric health visits. If you have questions about breastfeeding, would like more information or need additional help, please call The Birthplace at 319-376-2229.

Get answers to questions about pregnancy and newborns

Mother's Manual

Going Home Guide

Get information you need to know from our prenatal instructor/lactation consultant at Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center, Fort Madison. During private meetings in person or by telephone, she will answer your questions about labor and delivery, newborn care, feeding and sleeping. If you are interested, please tell your physician or nurse.


Please ask about visiting restrictions during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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