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State-of-the-Art Services at the Sleep Disorders Center

When a patient is suffering from a medical issue, it's critical that physicians and specialists have the information they need to make a proper diagnosis. When it comes to sleep disorders, this means physicians need to know what is happening in our patients' brains when they try to turn in for the night. At Sleep Lab, we use the latest, cutting-edge techniques to monitor our patient's neural activity and provide insight into what is preventing them from having a healthy, normal sleep cycle.

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What Are Neurodiagnostics?

Neurodiagnostic testing is a branch of medical testing that allows medical technicians to monitor, record and analyze patient brain activity. This type of testing is especially critical when combating sleep disorders when a patient's issue is likely neurological.

At Sleep Lab, we provide the following neurodiagnostic tests:

Why Does Neurodiagnostic Testing Matter?

When we sleep, our brains experience a certain pattern of brain wave activity over the course of the night. Physicians and specialists know what this pattern looks like and how to identify if something is wrong with a patient who may be experiencing a sleep disorder. Neurodiagnostic testing allows our medical professionals that track this brainwave activity and develop a course of treatment for the patient that will foster sounder, more restorative sleep.