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Pricing Information

Cost estimates for some of our most common services and procedures are based on a range of possible charges or an average price, depending on which method will give the most accurate estimate. While we try our best to provide you with an accurate estimate, the actual charge may vary due to other factors that may arise.

There are two ways to get a cost of care estimate:

  • Use the Cost Estimator tool.
  • Call 319-768-3625, option 2. Please be prepared to provide CPT/procedure code (available from the provider that ordered the procedure) or detailed information about your anticipated procedure.

If you are insured, your insurance company is billed directly. We have contractual agreements with many insurance companies that may result in discounts to these prices. You may be responsible for out- of-pocket costs. Discounts may be available. If you have concerns about paying for your services, we encourage you to apply for our Financial Assistance Program.

Standard Charges


Hospital Chargemaster

Great River Health is committed to providing accurate information to help patients understand the cost of their care. As mandated by the Affordable Care Act, we must post our chargemaster, the list of all items billable to patients or patients’ health insurance providers. Provider charges are billed separately from hospital charges. You may receive more than one provider bill, depending on the number of

physicians who helped with your treatment. This includes anesthesiologists/certified registered nurse anesthetists, pathologists, and radiologists.

Because health care is unique to each patient, please be aware that standard charges shown in the chargemaster usually don’t reflect what a patient may pay. Therefore, this is not a helpful tool for patients to estimate what health care services are going to cost them out of their own pocket or to compare hospital costs for upcoming procedures or services.

Compare Charges

The Iowa Hospital Association collects inpatient and outpatient charge information from Iowa hospitals. To compare Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center’s charges with other hospitals, click here.