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Things to Bring

Speak With Us About Long-Term Care

The decision to admit an elderly loved one to a long-term care facility is a difficult one and families need to know that, if they decide to proceed, their loved one will be comfortable and able to make a home of their new residence. At Klein Center, we understand these concerns and welcome the opportunity for residents to make one of our ten households truly their own while they are with us. To learn more about what new residents will need to bring for their stay to maintain their comfort, hygiene, and peace of mind, call our friendly staff at 319-768-4600 today.


Bring a two-week supply of washable, easy-care clothing. Don’t bring hand washables, dry-clean-only, silk, wool or line-dry items that cannot withstand high-heat drying. Permanent name labels will be applied to all clothing, so please notify staff when you bring new clothes. Because space is limited, family members should remove out-of-season clothing from closets, if possible.

Personal-Care Items

  • Clothing, pajamas, and bathrobe

  • Slippers with rubber soles

  • Supportive walking shoes

Personal items such as denture adhesive and cleanser, and cosmetics. A comb, deodorant, tissues, and toothpaste are provided. Aerosol sprays of any kind are not allowed.

Mobility Aids

The Klein Center provides toilet risers and commodes when needed. Elders must provide canes, walkers, and wheelchairs. For the safety of elders and staff, an occupational therapy assessment is required before a motorized wheelchair can be used at the Klein Center.

Contact us at Klein Center today to learn more about transitioning your loved one to live here with us. Our knowledgeable team is ready to answer your questions.