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Cancer Care

High-Tech, Compassionate Cancer Treatment in Southeast Iowa

Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center offers the most updated, innovative cancer care from highly experienced, compassionate oncologists, nurses, and support staff. We understand cancer is a feared diagnosis that affects everyone differently, and we will be by your side from the beginning for all your support needs. We make a strong effort to give every patient and their family members a warm, safe, comfortable treatment atmosphere from a multidisciplinary team with the training to see beyond your diagnosis and to treat you as a whole person: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our mission is to improve the lives of our patients living with cancer.

Cancer Treatments We Offer

There are many cancer treatment types, which is why Hematology & Oncology-Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center provides individualized care for every patient. Some patients have surgery alone, while others only need chemotherapy or radiation, and others have all three. Our providers work together to create the best treatment plans.

The standard cancer treatments include:

  • Surgery: The first-line treatment for many forms of cancer is the surgical removal of a tumor before the cancer cells have a chance to spread. Usually, surgery is used with other treatment types to destroy any lingering cancer cells and destroy them completely. Biopsies are performed after surgery to stage and type your cancer to provide further diagnostic insight to your oncology team.

  • Chemotherapy, or “chemo,” is the use of medication to kill rapidly growing cancer cells, slow their growth, and relieve cancer symptoms. There are many types of chemotherapy drugs, and sometimes several drugs are combined. A pharmacist mixes chemotherapy IV drugs in our cancer center. The process of receiving chemotherapy through an IV is called infusion. In some cases, oral chemotherapy drugs are prescribed.

  • Radiation therapy: This treatment helps kill cancer cells confined to one localized area, which is then blasted with radiation to kill the malignancies. This therapy may be enough to treat your cancer by itself, but usually radiation therapy is combined with chemo and/or surgery.

Other Treatment Types

  • Blood-product transfusions: Chemotherapy, some types of cancer and blood disorders may affect blood counts. Some patients need transfusions of whole blood or blood components such as red cells or platelets.

  • Bone marrow biopsies: A bone marrow sample can confirm anemia, leukemia, and lymphoma.

  • Immunotherapy: This treatment bolsters a weakened immune systems caused by cancer or other diseases.

Patients may be referred by a family or internal medicine physician, surgeon, or another medical specialist. Some self-referrals are accepted. All medical reports, diagnostic imaging reports and laboratory results must be received before the first appointment.

For information about the cost of cancer treatment, please call Patient Financial Services-Patient Billing at 319-768-3625, option 2.

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