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Premier Elder Care

Elderly patients can be more vulnerable to accidents, health complications, and other dangers. Klein Center makes safety an absolute priority with every service we provide. From allergy management to fire hazard vigilance, our goal is to ensure that our residents and their loved ones have full confidence that our grounds and services provide zero unnecessary risks to resident health.

For more information on our grounds, accommodations, and safety measures, call 319-768-4600 today.

Electrical Equipment

For the safety of elders, staff and visitors, all new and used electrical equipment brought into the Klein Center must be UL-approved and inspected by Plant Operations.

Besides televisions, this includes:

  • CD players

  • Clocks

  • Computers

  • Lamps

  • Lift chairs

  • Radios

  • Telephones

These items are not permitted:

  • Anything hanging on doors or from ceiling tiles

  • Electric blankets

  • Extension cords

  • Heating pads

  • Holiday lights in elders’ rooms

  • Irons

  • Power strips

  • Space heaters

Latex Allergy

Please let us know if you’re loved one is allergic to latex. To provide a safe environment, latex balloons may not be brought into the Klein Center. Mylar balloons are a longer-lasting alternative.


The use of nicotine products and e-cigarettes is prohibited on Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center's campus.

Falls & Accidents

Many people are at risk for falling, whether they are in their homes or health care settings. Depending on the elder, specific precautions may be taken that allow elders to maintain some independence, and the lifestyle they and their families members want. In compliance with federal guidelines, Klein Center doesn’t use physical restraints to prevent falls because they can lead to a decline in elders’ abilities to perform tasks of daily living and, therefore, their quality of life. Some falls can’t be prevented. Many elderly people have weak bones, which can break spontaneously and lead to falls. If your loved one fell at home, it may not be possible to prevent all falls in a care center.

Fire Safety

Our fire system has loud alarms and flashing lights. Staff drills are conducted regularly to ensure they are prepared for the unlikely event of a fire. If elders are in their rooms, doors will be shut. Elders who are not in their rooms will be escorted or moved by staff to designated safe areas until drills end. Visitors should follow staff’s instructions. They cannot use the elevators, or enter or leave the building during a drill.

Weather Emergencies

Staff drills are conducted regularly to ensure they are prepared for weather emergencies. If a severe storm warning or tornado warning is issued by the National Weather Service, elders who are in their beds will be covered with extra blankets. Beds will be moved away from the windows and blinds will be closed. Doors also will be closed. Elders who are walking or sitting in wheelchairs will be taken into their bathrooms for safety.


The doors to Klein Center are locked from 9 p.m. to 7 a.m. Guests who arrive when the doors are locked should push the call button on the right side of the door in the entrance vestibule. For the safety of elders in memory-care households—Cobblestone Hill and Stony Hollow Hideaway—an alarm sounds if the entrance doors open before a four-digit code is entered. Visitors should ask for the code at the reception desk in Town Center. The doors to the courtyards are open from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m. so elders can enjoy the outdoors. The fences surrounding the courtyards are locked at all times. Visitors can ask household staff for the code to unlock the gate.