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Elder Care

Speak With Us at Klein Center

At Klein Center, the well-being of our residents is our highest priority. We understand that our residents come to us with existing health concerns and why we make the many resources of Great River Health an integrated part of our services.

Our Caregivers

Everyone who works in a household is a nurse or certified universal worker. Like family members at home, they help elders with all their needs, including personal care, eating, and activities. They work consistently with the same elders so they know elders’ likes and dislikes, and understand their decision-making abilities.

Each household has:

  • A household coordinator

  • A licensed practical nurse or registered nurse

  • Two certified nursing assistants

  • A homemaker, whose primary responsibilities are cooking breakfast, cleaning and washing laundry

Care Plans & Conferences

Care plans are developed within three weeks of admission.

Elders and their families are part of our care team, and they are invited to care conferences with our long-term care team. The first conference is scheduled about three weeks after admission. Future conferences are scheduled quarterly or more frequently when elders experience significant health changes. If you can’t attend a care conference, you can talk to a social worker or nurse manager, or make arrangements for a conference call at the reception desk or by calling 319-768-4600 today.

Care Questions

Families are not notified about every change in an elder’s care, but you can get an update anytime by request. If you want an update or you have questions, please talk to the nurse manager.


Because older skin is fragile, elders usually receive baths, in-bed baths or showers twice a week. If you want more frequent bathing, please tell the nurse manager or nurse. Hair washing is part of the bath or shower unless the elder prefers to have hair shampooed in the beauty shop.

Dental Care

Oral assessments (teeth, gums, and dentures) are completed in the first two weeks of admission and annually. A nurse may request more frequent assessments. Dentures and partial plates should be labeled by a dentist before admission.

Physician Visits

Elders must have a primary-care physician to oversee their care. Medicare requires physicians to visit elders once during the first 30 days and every 60 days thereafter. They may come at other times if there are changes in an elder’s health. These visits usually are not scheduled. When family members have questions or concerns, a nurse may call a physician anytime. If elders are referred to another specialist, such as an orthopedic physician or neurologist, appointments will be in clinics on Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center's campus.


Medicines come in single-dose packages, as required by the State of Iowa. Heritage Partners Pharmacy, which specializes in providing medicine for use in long-term care centers, is the Klein Center’s pharmacy of choice. Elders or their responsible parties receive medicine bills each month. Medicare Part D may cover some medicine costs. Elders may not keep over-the-counter medicine in their rooms. When moving to the Klein Center, elders should tell their nurses if they regularly use over-the-counter remedies for a headache, heartburn or constipation.

Dementia Care

Alzheimer’s disease is the most common type of dementia, but stroke, heart disease and other disease processes also may lead to dementia. Our memory care households allow freedom of movement in safe, calm environments. Activities are based on elders’ interests and abilities.

Foot Care

Foot care services, including nail cutting, are available with an order from the elder’s primary-care physician. A podiatrist visits the Klein Center every six months.

Hospice Care

Southeast Iowa Regional Hospice provides hospice care at Klein Center. It usually is covered by Medicare.

Physical, Occupational & Speech Therapy

Physical, occupational and speech therapy is available on site with Klein Center therapists. It must be ordered by a physician. Depending on what type of therapy received, Medicare may cover the cost of services.

Call 319-768-1000 today for more information on our extensive health care capabilities at Klein Center.