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Vern A's Story

  • Category: West Burlington Patient Stories

On April 27, 2019, Mr. Vern Alecock was taken to Great River Medical Center ER with severe side pain. The great staff in the ER immediately diagnosed Mr. Alecock with an aneurysm that was leaking.

To our blessing, Dr. Ryan Deets was present in the ER, and saw Mr. Alecock. Dr. Deets showed such professionalism and compassion, as there was no time to waste considering the condition Mr. Alecock was in.

At Mr. Alecock’s age 87, we knew the surgery would be very complex, with a very slim chance he would make it through, and also the location of the aneurysm would probably affect his kidneys. After deciding to go forward with surgery, we were escorted to the waiting room. During surgery, we were informed of Mr. Alecock’s progress in surgery, which was such a blessing. After surgery was over Dr. Deets came to the family and discussed Mr. Alecock’s condition, again showing such professionalism and compassion. Mr. Alecock and his family will be eternally grateful to the surgical team for saving his life!

After surgery, Mr. Alecock was moved to ICU, and the next few days would be very critical. While in ICU, Mr. Alecock was given the best care by the nursing staff. They never hesitated to answer our questions concerning Mr. Alecock, and were always concerned about the family’s comfort. We cannot express enough our gratitude to these nurses in the ICU. What great and compassionate staff!

Dr. Deets continuously kept the family of Mr. Alecock informed of his progress, along with Dr. Morris and Dr. Dandan. We continue to count our blessings for a great medical staff!

To the amazement of everyone, Mr. Alecock progressed so well, and was moved to the second floor, then after a couple of days moved on to first floor rehab. During his stay in both units, he had the utmost care by the nursing staff. And again Mr. Alecock and his family are so grateful for the skill and compassion they showed!

Due to the surgery, Mr. Alecock was given dialysis. New to this procedure, the nursing staff made it so much easier to deal with. They answered all questions and were so compassionate to Mr. Alecock, along with his family.

In conclusion, Mr. Alecock is home and doing amazing. We will always be eternally grateful for Dr. Ryan Deets, Dr. Morris, Dr. Dandan and the surgical team, nursing staff at Great River Medical Center for the blessed care Mr. Alecock and his family received.


Mr. Vern Alecock’s family