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Felipe U's Story

  • Category: West Burlington Patient Stories

I am writing to you on behalf of the Mariela Gomez-Carrasco family to sincerely thank you for the care you provided my wife. The administration, nurses and staff of Great River Medical Center and Great River Hospice went above and beyond to accommodate our family during a very difficult time. Whether it was financially, physically or emotionally, the staff of Great River Medical Center and Great River Hospice made sure all of Mariela and her family’s needs were met.

The staff at Great River Hospice was able to make Mariela’s wish of returning home a reality. Mariela spent 52 days in her home with her two sons, her mother and father, and myself. Mariela was able to enjoy quality time at home surrounded by the ones she loved. Patti Whitaker, her hospice nurse, made sure that Mariela was comfortable and her symptoms were managed while Mariela was at home. Patti made the transition easy and educated Mariela and I on ways to provide care that made it easy for us to do.

Mariela’s hospice social worker, Ashley Bartenhagen, completed hand molds with Mariela for her two sons, family members, and myself. Mariela was able to paint these hand molds and make them into gifts for her family members that will be treasured for a lifetime. Ashley printed recipe cards for Mariela to complete for her family members as Mariela was gifted with the ability to cook delicious meals that will be deeply missed by her family. The staff at Great River Hospice adopted our family for Christmas and gave the boys a Christmas they will never forget. Mariela told her family how this was the “best day ever” to see her boys light up at the gifts under the tree.

The nurses and aides at the Great River Hospice House went above and beyond to help Mariela find peace and comfort in the days leading up to her passing. The staff accommodated each of Mariela’s family members with visiting and helping to say our final goodbyes. The staff listened to Mariela’s fears and concerns and did everything they could to help Mariela on her journey home.

Our family will be indebted to the staff of Great River Medical Center and Great River Hospice in the years to come. It is simply not enough to say “thank you” for how wonderful your staff is and how caring and compassionate each of them is. You will hold a special place in our hearts for the way you loved and cared for our loved one.


Felipe Urquiza

Mariela’s husband