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Ira S' Story

  • Category: West Burlington Patient Stories

I witnessed the effects of an act of kindness from my husband’s doctor that just cannot go without a huge thank you. It came at a great time. The year has not started out well, and my husband, Ira, was feeling downhearted. Turning 90 was one more thing he was not looking forward to. He had an appointment with Dr. Thurman on his birthday.

Here’s how Ira told it to me:

“You will never guess what happened today. You remember I had an appointment with Dr. Thurman? After we were done, he asked me to stay there; he would be back in a few minutes. Guess what? The door opened and in walked Dr. Thurman with lots of nurses all smiling and giggling … You know what they did? They sang ‘Happy Birthday’ to me and got me a little cake! All of them! I never expected that. It was really nice of them.”

My husband was so excited, and he has told everyone he has talked to about what Dr. Thurman and the nurses had done.

You could tell they really enjoyed celebrating a 90th birthday with one of their patients. It is not something that happens every day. Their act of kindness put a bounce back in Ira’s step and made turning 90 not so bad. He was beaming all night, and this birthday became one of his favorites.

This action shows how much Great River Health System-Family Medicine, Mercy Plaza cares about their patients. They have huge hearts that make them very special people. I am glad we chose this office for Ira’s medical care. He is obviously in good hands.

Thank you to Dr. Thurman and each of the nurses. This birthday will never be forgotten!