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Radiation Oncology-Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center

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About This Location

High-Tech, Compassionate Cancer Treatment in Southeast Iowa

Southeast Iowa Regional Medical Center offers the most updated, innovative cancer care from highly experienced, compassionate oncologists, nurses, and support staff. We understand cancer is a feared diagnosis that affects everyone differently, and we will be by your side from the beginning for all your support needs. We make a strong effort to give every patient and their family members a warm, safe, comfortable treatment atmosphere from a multidisciplinary team with the training to see beyond your diagnosis and to treat you as a whole person: physically, mentally, and spiritually. Our mission is to improve the lives of our patients living with cancer.

Additional Information

Radiation therapy: This treatment helps kill cancer cells confined to one localized area, which is then blasted with radiation to kill the malignancies. This therapy may be enough to treat your cancer by itself, but usually radiation therapy is combined with chemo and/or surgery.