Hair, Hats and More

Compassionate Cancer Services for Our Patients

Doctor holding oncology patient hand

Hair loss from chemotherapy or total brain radiation is a visible sign of cancer that can make patients feel self-conscious or embarrassed. Besides providing high-quality care, Great River Medical Center helps its patients’ emotional well-being by giving free wigs and other accessories to its patients. New, quality wigs are available in many styles and colors. They can be trimmed by patients’ stylists for customized looks.

All patients who have experienced hair loss receive a soft cotton sleep hat to improve comfort and keep them warm. Because some chemotherapy drugs increase sensitivity to cold weather, our cancer center also provides new winter gear.

Women may choose one of these options:

  • One wig, one wig liner to reduce friction and itching, and one fashion hat, head scarf or turban
  • One fashion hat, head scarf or turban and one set of winter gear (hat, scarf, mittens or gloves)

Men may have one set of winter gear.

The wigs and other items are provided by individual donors and organizations, and donations from Great River Friends. For more information, ask your caregiver at our clinic.