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What to Bring

Patients in the Rehabilitation Unit are expected to care for themselves as much as possible. They dress each morning in their daytime clothing. Sweat suits and similar clothing are the most comfortable and allow for easier movement during therapy activities. Clothing that is one size larger than usual makes dressing easier.

Patients should bring:

  • Comfortable shoes with nonskid soles

  • Elastic-waist pants or sweat suits

  • Grooming articles such as makeup, deodorant, battery-operated razor and other toiletries

  • Loose-fitting, button-down or pullover tops

  • Socks with non-elastic tops

  • Undergarments

It may be necessary to buy new shoes that will fit over braces. A physical therapist will help decide whether new shoes are needed. Three to four changes of clothing are recommended. Family members are responsible for laundering patients' clothes.