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Right Choice is Great River Health’s internal resource pool for RNs and CNAs. Great River Health and Hallmark Health Care Solutions have partnered up to help recruit and retain both new and experienced staff by providing flexible, self-scheduling and implementing innovative technology designed to ensure deployment of the right staff to the right place at the right time, to help you make the right choice in your healthcare career.

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Why Apply to Right Choice IRP?

  • Attractive pay rates.

  • Work when you want by signing up for as needed or long-term assignments online or via mobile app.

  • Put yourself in charge of your work-life balance.

  • Work alongside professionals at the top of their fields in a variety of practice settings and assignments.

  • Additional stipends available based on commitment.

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Right Choice FAQs

What does this mean for hospital and unit-based pools?
Right Choice IRP is an additional option for staff. If you're part of a hospital and/or unit-based pool, you can remain in this position unless you choose to join Right Choice.

Should I be a regular staff CNA or join Right Choice IRP?
There are several factors to consider between being a full-time employee and joining the Right Choice IRP, including work flexibility, benefits, and security. It is possible that some regularly employed staff will move to Right Choice IRP as flexibility may be more suitable for their current needs. We hope to retain more staff overall by offering more flexibility in employment options. Whatever suits you best, we’re happy to have you at Great River Health. Note: These positions are PRN status and aren't eligible for Great River Health benefits offered to full-time and part-time employees.

Are staff able to hold more than one position under Right Choice IRP?
No. Staff can only hold one job position if they join Right Choice IRP.

How and when does Right Choice IRP supply staff?
Right Choice IRP staff are deployed to fill daily functional vacancies, census or acuity increases, leaves of absence, FTE vacancies, overtime replacement, and agency utilization among other needs. Right Choice IRP uses a new technology, which is designed to ensure deployment of the right staff to the right place at the right time.

Who is eligible?
Right Choice IRP is for RN and CNA roles only. RN applicants must have two years of experience or more in their current practicing specialty. CNA applicants must have 6 months of experience in their current practicing specialty. All applicants must be willing to travel to every Great River Health location.

What's it like to work at Great River Health?
We're glad you asked. Click here to learn more about working at Great River Health.

Wait! I have more questions that weren't answered.
For outstanding questions related to Right Choice IRP, email:

How do I apply to Right Choice IRP?
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