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Many BEAST's swim at various times at the YMCA. Early morning is popular. Clinics are in the Winter on Wednesday evenings. BEAST coaches, some with collegiate-level swimming backgrounds, will teach you to swim even if you cannot now do a single lap.

Throughout the year, we offer swimming clinics for members.


Some BEAST members hold spinning classes at the YMCA, and these are highly popular. They meet at various times from 5:30 AM and in the evening. These classes are free to YMCA members. Inquire at the Burlington Community YMCA/YWCA. (If you don't know, spinning is cycling on a stationary bike under the encouragement of a leader who teaches proper cycling techniques and pushes you to improve. It's a great workout.)


In the summer, we meet at Younker's parking lot on Tuesday's at 5:30pm for a group ride. Wednesday nights are the Dinner Rides. See Bike Burlington. We have a lot of good bikers in the club. People are out biking all the time. There's even a New Year's Day ride! Also, many members do RAGBRAI and other multiday and racing events.

We offer Bike Clinics throughout the year on several topics with our local experts.


There is no set time when we all run together, but there tends to be a group that leaves from the YMCA in the mornings, usually two days per week. If you're in the area and want to run with us, contact Kevin. The distance we run vary from 3 miles up to 20+, but we average 4-6 miles. We also do track work some days.

Triathlon Training

BEAST coaches will take you through the steps to your first triathlon, as well as help you improve your triathlon performance.

We have collegiate swimmers and expert cyclist that provide high-level training free for BEAST members. Our training programs have been created by the support of the USAT trainers.

Many consider the triathlon training to be the best benefit of joining Team BEAST.


BEAST coaches hold various clinics throughout the year on various aspects of triathlon training. Clinics include (but are not limited to)

  • Triathlon preparation, triathlon transitions and triathlons for kids
  • Running form, shoe selection, and other aspects of running. For example, running in cold weather
  • Cycling basics, bike handling skills, bike maintenance and preparing for RAGBRAI
  • Swimming mechanics and open water swim
  • Sports psychology
  • Nutrition