Great River Health Fitness Offers Free Classes May 6 to 10

Great River Health Fitness is offering free introductory sessions on its Pilates Reformers Monday, May 6 though Friday, May 10.

A Pilates Reformer works muscle groups through smooth, continuous motions that strengthen and stabilize the body’s core. Exercises are performed in a variety of positions to develop a balanced musculoskeletal system.

Exercising with a Pilates Reformer can:

  • Develop and tone long, lean muscles
  • Improve balance, coordination, flexibility, strength and range of motion
  • Release stress and boost energy
  • Decrease pain, and promote recovery from strains and injuries

Free one-hour Pilates Reformer sessions are for new participants only. To schedule a class time, call Great River Health Fitness at 319-768-4191.