Cardiac Rehabilitation: Building Stronger Hearts

Stethoscope on data sheetGreat River Medical Center offers three successive rehabilitation programs for patients recovering from a cardiac event or procedure. A physician’s referral is required for all programs.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase I

The first phase is provided to patients who are admitted to the hospital for some cardiac events.

Cardiac Rehabilitation Phase II

Group cardiac rehabilitation classes meet for 90 minutes twice a week for up to 12 weeks. The purpose of the program is to help participants strengthen their hearts, learn about heart-healthy living and reduce fear by:

  • Establishing a personalized exercise program
  • Learning how to manage their conditions and prevent other occurrences
  • Adjusting to the emotions that accompany heart disease
  • Getting support services, if needed

Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation Phase III

This program features a more independent approach to physical fitness for those with cardiac and pulmonary conditions. It involves supervised exercise times to improve strength, endurance and wellness.

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