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Emergency Department

Who We Are

The Emergency Department at Henry County Health Center is a Level IV trauma facility. All patients presenting to the Emergency Department receive a medical screening providing all necessary testing and on-call services within the capability of Henry County Health Center to reach a diagnosis. The Emergency Department is staffed with a physician 24 hours a day.

What We Do

The ED is staffed 24 hours a day with a minimum of 2 RN’s. The RN’s are licensed professional nurses committed to ensuring that the emergency patients receive optimal care and treatment. Our staff maintains certifications in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, Pediatric Advanced Life Support, Basic Life Support, and Trauma Care. We also participate in ongoing in-service education programs and periodic clinical skills evaluation to ensure that the quality of care provided is kept current with evidence-based practice and standards of care.

The Emergency Department also participates in Continuous Performance Improvement processes. This involves the entire Emergency Department staff including RN’s and our ED Medical Director Physician. We are committed to maintaining the highest quality medical care with a personal commitment to patient satisfaction. Our close connection with area hospitals allow for expedited transfers to appropriate facilities. The Emergency Department strives to ensure optimal care for each patient.


Ask yourself the following questions, and if the answer is “yes” or you’re unsure, call 911:

  • Is the condition life-threatening?
  • Is it a possible heart attack?
  • Are they experiencing symptoms of a stroke?
  • Could the condition worsen and become life-threatening on the way to the hospital?
  • Could moving cause further injury?
  • Does the person need the skills/equipment of paramedics or emergency medical technicians?
  • Could distance or weather conditions cause a delay in getting to the hospital?

Even if you think you can get to the hospital faster by driving, paramedics can bring many of the lifesaving skills and medications right to you and start care sooner. Emergency crews are trained to begin medical treatment on the way to the hospital, and they can also alert the Emergency Department in advance to the patient’s condition.

Should I go to the ER or an Urgent Care?



Not all illnesses or injuries are life-threatening and are better suited to be treated at an urgent care or a primary care clinic. Urgent care provides treatment when you are sick with sudden illnesses like the flu, sore throat, earache, mononucleosis, minor cuts, suspected fractures, and many other non-life-threatening illnesses and injuries. The urgent care clinic at Great River Health is a walk-in clinic for patients over the age of 18 months who don’t have a primary care provider or need extended office hours. We can help patients get follow-up care at a primary care clinic.

For more information on the Emergency Department, please call 319-385-3141.