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Cardiac Rehab

Who We Are

The Cardiac Rehab department offers a multi-level individualized program designed to help cardiac patients reach their highest level of health. Our program has received state and national accreditation from the American Association of Cardiovascular and Pulmonary Rehabilitation. We are staffed by registered nurses who have extensive experience in the field of Cardiac Rehab.

What We Do

HCHC offers three phases of the Cardiac Rehabilitation program. The phases are:

Phase I: An inpatient program designed to teach the cardiac patient and his or her family about heart disease and the recovery process, and to start the patient on a monitored and supervised exercise program.

Phase II: An outpatient cardiac program conducted three times per week designed to increase cardiovascular fitness. These exercise sessions are supervised and monitored by health professionals. In addition, educational classes are provided. Patients are instructred in risk factor awareness to help prevent further cardiovascular disease and to promote lifestyle changes.

Phase III: An outpatient maintenance program designed to help participant simprove or maintain cardiovascular fitness and good health. In addition, this phase is designed for anyone who has any risk factors for heart disease and wants a safe, effective, individualized exercise program. The program’s purpose is to help clients achieve and maintain their cardiac fitness level in order to live healthy lives.

Cardiac Rehab focuses on:

  • Exercise in a physician-directed program with supervision by a registered nurse
  • Monitoring the cardiac patient’s heart rhythm during exercise
  • Assisting the patient in making lifestyle changes
  • Education for the patient and patient’s family to identify the risk factors of coronary heart disease which include:
    • Lack of exercise
    • High blood pressure
    • Improper Diet
    • Elevated blood cholesterol
    • Smoking
    • Coping with stress ineffectively

Cardiac/Pulmonary Support Group

The Cardiac/Pulmonary Support group is designed to encourage persons with concerns about heart and lung disease in their goals for a healthy lifestyle. The group meets every other month. Call 319-385-6504 for more information.

The HCHC Cardiac Rehab Team is here to help you make lifestyle changes and to promote good health because we care about you. For more information on Cardiac Rehabilitation, please call 319-385-6504.