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List of Services

Education Services

Group Diabetes Education

Monthly 10 hour classes in group setting taught by certified diabetic educators, physicians, pharmacist, physical therapist, and dietitian

Follow Up Classes

2 hour class offered monthly to review diabetes basics

Individual Education

Content-Specific education sessions to meet individual patient needs

Consultation with Dietitian

One-on-One sessions with dietitian to address dietary needs

Gestational Diabetes Education

Individual sessions with certified diabetic educators to educate about and assist with managing diabetes during pregnancy

Insulin Instruction

Individual session with certified diabetic educator to learn how to properly administer insulin

Hypoglycemia Instruction

Individual education with diabetes education team to successfully treat and manage hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)

Diabetes Support Group

Free sessions offered 5 times a year for patients and their family members to help cope with diagnosis of diabetes

Pre-diabetes Classes

Free class offered bi-monthly to address lifestyle changes to manage elevated blood sugars

Clinical Services

  • 72 hour Professional Continuous Glucose Monitoring
  • Insulin Pump Management and Initiation