Curt M.

Although I live in Ottumwa, I recently decided to seek medical care and treatment at the Great Urology Clinic at Great River Health Systems in West Burlington, IA. Other than marrying Dr. Mariannette Miller-Meeks (who is employed by GRHS), seeking care at GRHS is undoubtedly the second smartest decision I have ever made.

I have worked in health care since 1971 either as a medic, staff nurse, operating room nurse, nurse educator, or attorney, and I can say without reservation that my experiences at Great River Urology and GRHS far exceeded my expectations. From the moment I first walked into the Great River Urology Clinic I was treated with the utmost professionalism, courtesy and respect by every member of the clinic team. The clinic manager, administrative staff and nursing personnel were superb.

My physician, Dr. Matthew Knudson, is an outstanding clinician with an exceptional bedside manner. His heartfelt care and compassion was evident at every stage of my treatment. When I had surgery at GRHS, I also learned that Dr. Knudson is a proficient and skilled surgeon. I also want to compliment the entire surgical team, including the anesthesiologist and recovery room team. They were simply outstanding!!

And last but not least, the nursing staff who took care of me during my postoperative overnight stay were of the highest caliber. No matter how busy they were at any particular time, they made me feel as though I was their only patient. I am so grateful I was under their care. I found the entire GRHS patient care team to be exceptional healthcare providers. Thank you Great River Urology and GRHS for taking care of me. Job well done!!