Mediapolis clinic offers reduced-price physicals

Great River Clinic in Mediapolis, Iowa, is offering reduced-price sports physicals from 1 to 4:30 p.m. Tuesday, Aug. 8. Great River Health will donate half of the $30 physical fee to athletes’ schools for use in their sports programs. Athletes who receive sports physicals are not required to live in Mediapolis.

A doctor of nursing practice will provide physical examinations and certified athletic trainers from Great River Athletic and Performance Center will conduct flexibility, strength and joint-stability tests. Besides providing overall health assessments, the physicals may help detect potential problems that could lead to injuries. If problems are discovered, students will receive exercise or rehabilitation plans, or be referred to other health care providers, if necessary.

Payment is required at the time physicals are conducted; insurance will not be billed. Great River Clinic, Mediapolis, is at 401 N. Orchard. To make an appointment, call (319) 394-3177.