Dry eyes topic of Great River Health Systems program

Mariannette Miller-Meeks, M.D., will discuss dry eyes at 5:30 p.m. Thursday, May 26. The fourth program in the 10-month Red Hot Mamas series will be in the Blackhawk Room on the lower level of Great River Wellness Plaza, 1401 W. Agency Road, West Burlington.

Dr. Miller-Meeks is an ophthalmologist at Great River Eye Specialists.

Anyone can develop dry eyes, but it usually occurs after age 50. It’s most-common in women. Left untreated, dry eyes can affect vision and overall health. Recognizing symptoms, making nutrition and lifestyle changes, and sometimes using medicines can improve eye moisture.

A light supper and door prizes will be available at this free program. Register online at www.GreatRiverMedical.org/events or call (319) 768-3491.

Red Hot Mamas is a program that educates women about physical and psychological changes as they age, and helps them make informed health care decisions. For more information, please visit www.redhotmamas.org.