Infectious Disease & Travel Medicine

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When you travel overseas, our bodies are exposed to countless germs we've never encountered before. While most of these will be harmless, some of them can cause serious health complications—and even an infectious disease. That is why it is recommended (and often required) that travelers seek a medical evaluation before embarking on their trip.

At Great River Health, we provide convenient, comprehensive travel medicine services for our patients and neighbors throughout southeast Iowa. If you or a loved one is getting ready for a trip overseas, we can help safeguard them against potential health complications while they travel. Call (319) 768-1000 today to learn more.

Our Travel Medicine Services

Our infectious disease specialists treat illnesses caused by bacteria, viruses, parasites and fungi. Many of these infections can be treated by your primary health care provider.

You may need a specialist for:

  • Difficult-to-diagnose or recurring infections (by physician referral)
  • HIV and AIDS treatment
  • Sexually transmitted disease treatment
  • Travel vaccinations and consultation

Who requires immunizations? Travelers who...

  • Become exposed to unsanitary conditions
  • Become exposed to infections in other people
  • Become exposed to parasites
  • Are subject to required immunizations due to their destination

Souha Haydoura, M.D. manages our travel medicine department. She and our team recommend that potential travelers call us for their travel medicine evaluation/vaccinations four-to-six weeks before their trip. Our dedicated, knowledgeable professionals are ready to help you assess the details of your trip, properly administer the recommended or required vaccinations, and provide education on what you can do to stay healthy and thriving as you travel.